Lomax Park Improvements

   Budget  Expenditures  Encumbrances  Budget Remaining
 Fiscal Year 11-12
 $1,200,000  $133,800    
 Fiscal Year 12-13
 $570,000  $1,174,344    
 Fiscal Year 13-14
 Fiscal Year 14-15
   $63,519  $10,102  
 Total  $1,770,000  $1,731,461  $10,102  $28,437

Project Description

Lomax Park is home to the La Porte Livestock Show and Rodeo Association (LPLSRA). The park was also, for many years, home to the La Porte Girl’s Softball Association. In 1999 the Little Cedar Bayou Girl’s Softball home was established and the LPLSRA inherited the old softball concession stand, storage facility and restrooms. This project will replace the existing restroom/concession building and include storage and meeting space for the community. New fencing, bleachers, announcer’s stand, landscaping, and other amenities will provide improved service capability at the park that will meet the needs of the Lomax community for many years to come. The Economic Development 4B Corporation will be funding 50% of the cost of this project.

First Quarter FY 14-15
The Announcer’s Stand and sound system installation were completed and arena renters started using them. Staff finished the fabrication of the storage enclosure for the moveable sprinkler. It has been installed and is working as planned. Staff also began to plant some of the trees for the landscaping plan.

Second Quarter FY 14-15
All of the tree planting is complete. Staff ordered the panels for the pens. There is a 12 week turnaround, so we are anticipating delivery in early June. Once we received the panels, the Association will begin the installation.