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Enhancement Grant

The Enhancement Grant provides matching funds to enhance existing building designs in the district outlined on the map below. Owners and tenants may be eligible for a reimbursement grant of monies used to enhance and/or beautify their new or existing businesses.

The following types of projects are eligible for reimbursement grants:
  • Façade Rehabilitation/Enhancement
    This includes work done on existing structures, such as removing non-historic/added facades, re-pointing brick or replacing mortar joints, replacing or restoring cornices, removing paint from brick, replacing windows, restoring transom windows, repairing facades, etc.
  • New Awnings, Canopies, Porches and Signage
    This includes replacing, adding, or repairing awnings, canopies, porches and signs. Signs may include signboards, projecting signs, pedestrian signage, window signs, hanging signs, and awning/canopy signs.
  • Beautification Projects
    This may include public art, landscaping, and other beautification projects as approved by the Enhancement Grant Evaluation Committee (EGEC).

If your business is located in the district and you feel that you qualify for an enhancement grant, please fill out the application below and return it to the City at the address indicated on the application. You will need to have the application approved PRIOR to beginning work on your project.

We do not have specific guidelines for the design work in the district. However, the City of La Porte is part of the San Jacinto Historic District, and we do encourage businesses in the district to consider the design standards that the many cities and entities who make up the Corridor have adopted as part of a community identification effort. You can find a copy of the standards below, and we're happy to provide a hard-copy as well if you need it.

For additional information, please contact:

City Contact:
Scott D. Livingston
604 W. Fairmont Pkwy
La Porte, TX 77571
(281) 470-5016 office
(281) 842-1259 fax

Enhancement Grant Program Information & Application
File Name: La Porte Enhancement Grant Program.pdf
Revision Date: 2/4/2014