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Fire Field & Safety

Protective Equipment
Protective equipment such as boots, pants, coats, helmets, hoods, gloves, and SCBA shall meet or exceed the appropriate NFPA standard, and shall be worn when engaging in any activities that could result in injury, or when entering a hazardous environment.

Prior to the training session all students and instructors should discuss the objectives and procedures. A walk through of the building will be included in the pre - training discussion.

all protective equipment, ropes, rescue equipment, tools, etc. must be properly maintained and periodically inspected by the users to provide for safe operations.

General Safety Precautions
Vertical ventilation opening including floor, ceiling and roof hatches should be opened carefully and the openings protected to prevent someone falling through. following the scenario, the Safety Officer or Instructor shall inspect these openings to insure they are in place for the next group.

Safety lines or rope should be utilized whenever possible to prevent students from becoming disoriented or lost inside the building.

Ropes used to support people are to be tied only to anchor point rings that are cast in place. Do not use handrails, standpipes, or guardrails for lifting or lowering students or victims.

Interior attack or search teams must contain at least two firefighters. Teamwork should be stressed, and practiced. The lead Instructor and/or safety Officer must know how many students are entering a building, and insure they are all accounted for.

The only fuels allowed are hay, straw, paper,, and cardboard. No liquid fuels of any kind are allowed.

A safety shower and eyewash are available at the rear of the multi - story