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Civil Service Employment Information
To apply for this position please apply here so that your application may be viewed by the appropriate supervisor.

We only accept applications for our Lateral Entry Program at this time and those requirements are as listed below.
We are not accepting applications to be placed on the list for the next civil service exam.
An exam has yet to be scheduled and all applications received for this purpose will not be kept.
Should we begin accepting applications again for the next civil service exam we will post that information, here, on this portion of the website.

Applying for the Lateral Entry Program:

Applicants interested in applying for the Lateral Entry Program must meet the minimum requirements as stated below. The applicant must then complete a City of La Porte application through online submission.

Lateral Entry Requirements:

Applicants must have graduated from an accredited Police Academy and possess a Basic Peace Officer license issued by TCLEOSE by the time of appointment.

Applicants must pass:

Physical Fitness Exam Psychological Exam
Comprehensive Background Investigation Polygraph
Medical Exam Drug Screening
12 month probationary period

Lateral entry or TCLEOSE certified applicants should contact Training & Recruitment Officer Mark Roznovak (281) 842-3123 for more information