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Speed Limits

How Are Speed Limits Established?

  • Speed Limits are set by State Law at 30 miles per hour on all city streets unless warranted by a Traffic & Engineering Study.
  • Lower speed limits are justified without a study when in:
    • school zones
    • construction zones
  • Speed limits must be established by City ordinance if different than the prima facie speed (30 mph).

What Do I Do About Possible Speed Problems?

  • Contact the Police Department at (281) 471-3810.
  • If the problem seems to be widespread, the Police Department will request a speed study by the Public Works Department.
  • The speed study will be performed using state-of-the-art traffic counters which determine the speed, time, and direction of travel of all vehicles using the street.
  • A printout of the study will be returned to the Police Department to determine the times enforcement should be concentrated.