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Requirements for Direct Sellers in Residential Neighborhoods
  1. Solicitor Applicant obtains a Solicitor's Application and a copy of Section from the Code of Ordinances Article V 22-286 at the City Secretary's Office.
  2. Applicant calls the La Porte Police Department to schedule an appointment for the following: 
    1. Complete paperwork for fingerprinting. (Each person going door-to-door must be fingerprinted)
  3. Applicant brings the following to the City Secretary's Office:
    1. The completed application.
    2. Fingerprinting paperwork from the Police Department.
    3. 3 letters of recommendation from Harris County homeowners or out-of-town home owners.
    4. $75 for License Fee (Annual License runs from January to December)
    5. $2,000 Surety Bond Information
    6. $2 for Solicitor's Badges (The badge must be worn by each Solicitor going door-to-door.)
      (This fee is also refundable if applicant does not qualify.)
    7. If obtaining a food permit, a Harris County medallion must be provided to the City Secretary's Office
  4. The information above will be receipted in the City Secretary's Office and then forwarded to the City Attorney's Office for review. This procedure may take approximately one week.
  5. After the Information is reviewed and approved by the City Attorney/City Secretary's Office, the applicant applying for the license will be notified by letter or phone.

Requirements for Direct Sellers in Residential Neighborhoods Application