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Keep it CLEAN La Porte!

Several years ago the City of La Porte created the Voluntary Contribution Plan for beautification and trails in our community and kicked off the Keep La Porte Beautiful Program with a beautification project funded by the Voluntary Contribution Plan. This plan is still in place and affords residents of La Porte the opportunity to contribute to the fund on your utility bill. These contributions are used for creating and maintaining flowerbeds, landscape projects, and trails for our community. The program initiates projects that relate to beautification and conservation.

Since the Keep La Porte Beautiful Program and the Voluntary Contribution Plan began, the tree planting program facilitated by volunteers and city staff has been a huge success, with trees being planted on Canada Road, in Pecan Park, and several other areas around the City. Efforts by the program was to bring increased awareness to our citizens regarding the benefits of recycling and since then, an expanded recycling program is now available for our citizens.

Litter has also become a huge eyesore in our community and has cost City of La Porte taxpayers to clean up. Volunteers of non-profit organizations have the opportunity to raise money for picking up litter around the City. For more information on becoming a volunteer or information on recycling, visit the Public Works Department webpage or call the Public Works Department at 281-471-9650. You can also go by City Hall, Public Works, or the Recreation & Fitness Center to pick up your Keep La Porte Beautiful window decal.

As a member of the community, you can participate by using trash and/or recycling receptacles and please don’t litter.  We can do all of these beautification projects and more with your help.  When you pay your water bill, don’t forget to check the contribution box to Keep La Porte Beautiful!