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Emergency Medical Services

Do you have any specific questions or comments you would like to submit to our billing staff?

You may communicate with us by:

How do I arrange monthly payments on my City of La Porte - EMS account?

Call our billing office during regular business hours and request payment arrangements.

Alice Keener
EMS Billing Specialist
(281) 470-0054 (Office)

Office Hours
8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday - Friday

How to read my Medicare Summary Notice (MSN) for Part B
The MSN is not a bill. Do not send money to Medicare or to the provider until you get a bill. For an explanation on how to interpret the MSN, click on here...

Medicare Summary Notice

I have received a bill from the City of La Porte - EMS without any indication that my insurance has been filed on?

This can occur if the billing information was not collected at the time of service. You may:

  • Call our billing office with the information, or
  • Fax or Mail the information to our billing office

What address do I send the Medicare appeals form to?
Medicare Part B
Correspondence Department
P.O. Box 660156
Dallas, Texas 75266-0156

What do I need to know to appeal my Medicare claim denial?

Please visit the Medicare Claims & Appeals page for detailed information.

Where can I find the Medicare appeal forms?

The Medicare website contains the Medicare Appeal Forms.

Why did I receive an ambulance bill when I was not transported to a hospital?

Patients that are assessed and treated by the City of La Porte EMS and then subsequently refuse EMS transport to a hospital facility will be assessed a "Treat, No Transport" charge for services rendered at the scene.