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Fire Department

How do I join the La Porte Fire Department?
Come to Fire Administration Building on 2nd St and fill out an application. We have a recruit class once a year beginning at the end of February.

I have a small emergency, who do I call?
There is no emergency that's a small emergency. If you have ANY kind of emergency you need to dial 911.

I need a copy of a fire investigation report, who do I call?
For a fire "investigation report" you would need to call the Fire Marshal's office 281-867-4603. If you are just wanting a copy of the Fire Department run sheet you need to call Fire Administration Office 281-471-3607.

Our school/scout troop/business would like to tour a station, who do I call?
In order to schedule a tour of ANY of the stations you would need to call the station direct.       Station #1 281-471-8808

    Station #2 281-471-7930 
    Station #3 281-471-0647

    Station #4 281-471-9526

What are the requirements to join the La Porte Fire Department?
Must live within the city limits of La Porte, and you must be 18 years of age or older.