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Planning Department (Inspections)

Can a mobile or manufactured home be placed on a lot in La Porte?
Yes, under certain circumstances.
· Property is zoned to allow single-family dwellings; and
· The site has an existing mobile home and the City can confirm it was constructed before 06-15-76;

The mobile home may be replaced with a "manufactured home". Installation shall comply with all applicable city rules and regulations.

Also, when the zoning is appropriate for single–family dwellings, a State certified “Modular or Industrialized Home” can replace a mobile or manufactured home. Installation shall comply with all applicable city rules and regulations. 

Can a property owner perform his/her own work on their property?
With the completion of a construction homestead affidavit, a homeowner may obtain a permit for remodeling, repairs and additions to his/her home. This affidavit waives the insurance and licensing requirements applicable to contractors. 

Can I put a carport on my property?
Yes, a maximum of one (1) detached carport structure per dwelling is allowed. Zoning regulations address the size and placement of front and side yard carports.
   · Minimum 5' setback from the front or side property lines; and
   · On a corner lot, carport shall not be located closer than 25’ from an intersection. (Note:    Distance is measured from the intersection of the property lines common with the street right-of-way lines.); and
   · Maximum width of 25’.

Note: The above regulations address properties without recorded building lines. Recorded building lines may prohibit the placement of a carport.

Does a building moved in from another location have to be brought up to code?
Yes. In accordance with the city's building code, a structure is approved to be relocated with the requirement it be brought up to code within ninety (90) days of the issuance of a moving permit.

How can I schedule an inspection and how quickly can it be done?
The City offers a 24-hour Inspection Line - #281-470-5130. We ask that an individual using the line leave the following information: Name, Phone Number, Permit Application Number, Inspection Address and Type of Inspection Desired.

An inspection call received prior to 8am will be performed that morning. Calls received between 8am and 1pm will be performed that afternoon.

How much does a building permit cost?
The permit fee schedule is based on valuation. A permit fee can be obtained by contacting the Inspection Division at #281-470-5073.

Is a permit and a fence enclosure required for an “above-ground” pool?
Yes. The 2006 Ed. of the International Residential Code requires a pool permit and enclosure. Specifics may be obtained from the Inspection Division by contacting #281-470-5073.

Is a permit required for a portable sign and if so, how long can I keep it on my property?
Yes. Zoning Chapter 106 requires a permit for a portable sign. Signs are allowed a maximum of sixty (60) days per year. Each permit is limited to no more than thirty (30) days with an interim of twenty (20) days between permits.

Is a permit required for a residential fence and if so, how tall can it be?
Yes. In addition to identifying the proper placement, Zoning Chapter 106 of the City's Code of Ordinances also identifies a maximum height of six-feet (6’) unless it is a wood fence. The fence may then be six-foot six-inches (6’-6") to allow for the installation of a rot board along the bottom of the fence.

Is a property survey required to build?
Yes on new construction. Once a site is developed and a individual wishes to add an additional improvement, a site plan and uncovering of property corner pins may be adequate.

When is a building permit required for remodeling?
A permit is required whenever a proposed project involves structural, electrical, plumbing or mechanical work To confirm if a permit is needed, please contact the Inspection Division at @281-470-5073.

Why do I need a permit for an accessory (storage) building?
Accessory structures vary in size. The building code addresses the need for permits and the Zoning Chapter 106 of the Code of Ordinances addresses proper placement of the structure.

Why is there a deposit required for the demolition of a structure on my property?
 A deposit is required to ensure an individual or company completes the proposed demolition job. Should work be abandoned prior to completion, the deposit will be used towards the completion of the work.