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Planning Department (Planning)

Can the City help me buy a home?
Possibly, if you meet certain eligibility requirements. There are programs that can help first time home buyers. Call the City's Planning Department for more information. Or, call Sheila Frye & Associates for homeownership program at (713) 521-3502.

What is the current population of the City of La Porte?
As per Census 2000, the City's population is 31,880. For demographic information, contact the Planning Department at (281) 471-5020.

Where can I get a Census Tract Map of La Porte, or find out which Census Tract a piece of property is in?
Contact the City of La Porte Planning Department at (281) 471-5020, in the City Hall at 604 W. Fairmont Parkway.

Where do I report a zoning violation?
 Contact the Planning Department's Inspection Services at (281) 471-5020. 

Who do I contact about subdivision platting?
Call the City's Planning Department at (281) 471-5020.

Who do I contact for demographic information about La Porte?
 The City's Planning Department at (281) 471-5020.