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Fire Prevention

Do I need to have my fireplace inspected and/or cleaned every year?
 Yes. The technician will check for cracks, remove any obstructions like bird nests, and clean any soot that builds up from the previous year.

How do I check my smoke detector?
Press the test button on the detector. When the detector sounds then will let you know that it is working. If the detector does not sound, then check the battery.

How long is a smoke detector good for?
Life expectancy for smoke detectors is about 10 years.

How many smoke detectors do I need in my house?
At least one outside each sleeping area hallway in your home. You can have one in each bedroom.

How often do I need to change the battery in my smoke detector?
At least once a year. Choose a special day like a birthday, or anniversary. We recommend when you change your clocks in April and October change your battery.

How often should I have my central air/heating unit checked?
Annually. The technician will remove any lint build up, check for any cracks in the system and verify that the heater is operating properly.

How often should I have my fire extinguisher checked?

What size and/or type of fire extinguisher do I need for my house?
We recommend a 5lb. ABC multipurpose fire extinguisher.

Where should I place the fire extinguisher in my house?
 In or near the kitchen since most fires occur in the kitchen.