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What are my responsibilities?

You must apply for the general exemption before the deadlines in the appraisal district where your property is located. You must see that your property is listed correctly on the tax records with your correct name, current address and property description. You must pay your taxes on time.

What exemption does the entities give& what are the tax rates?



City of La Porte


La Porte ISD

City of Morgan's Point

City of Shoreacres

2012 Tax Rate







20% + $15,000





$10,000 + $50,000





$10,000 + $50,000



What happens if I do not pay my taxes by the due date?
Penalty and interest shall accrue on the unpaid tax as follows:

February 7%
March 9%
April 11%
May 13%
June 15%
July 18% 

On July 1st, all unpaid taxes are turned over to delinquent tax attorneys for collection and are also subject to a 15% attorney fee.

What is the local appraisal district?
Harris County Appraisal District (713) 957-7800 Web site www.hcad.org  

When are taxes due?
Taxes are due upon receipt and are due no later than January 31st