Records of the Judiciary Request

Section 552.003(1)(B) of the Government Code excludes the judiciary from the Public Information Act. Section 552.0035 of the Government Code specifically provides that access to judicial records is governed by rules adopted by the Supreme Court of Texas or by other applicable laws and rules.

While, judicial records are not subject to the Public Information Act, some judicial records may be available under Rule 12 of the Texas Judicial Administrative Rules. Rule 12 of the Texas Rules of Judicial Administration was enacted to provide "public access to information in the judiciary consistent with the mandate of the Texas constitution that the public interests are best served by open courts and by an independent judiciary." Generally, Judicial records other than those covered by Rules 12.3 and 12.5 are open to the general public for inspection and copying during regular business hours.​​

How to Request Information on a case or to receive a copy of your citation:

​You must make a written request which includes:
​​​Defendant's full name/Date of Birth/Texas Driver's License Number (if available)/Citation or Case Number (if available).  
​​Include the requestor’s contact information. Requests can only include documents or other information that are already in existence. ​​

​Requests may be made as follows:​

By Mail: La Porte Municipal Court
​               3005 N. 23rd Street 
​               La Porte, Texas 77571

By ​Fax: (281) 842-0410 Attn: Open Records

In Person: La Porte Municipal Court
​                   3005 N. 23rd Street
​                   La Porte, Texas 77571

What Requestors Can Expect After a Request is Made:
​The Court will "promptly" respond to your request. Requests are generally completed within 10 business days. Requests may exceed 14 business days depending on the amount of information you have requested. Costs for Public Information Records are regulated by the City of La Porte Municipal Code of Ordinances. For more information regarding Open Records Request you may visit The Texas Attorney Generals website at:

"Record of the Judiciary" Request Form