Emergency Response and Communications


  • Chairperson - Johnny Morales, City of La Porte
  • Stacey Lippold, City of La Porte
  • Co DeBorde, Lyondell Basell Bayport
  • Dan Heiken, Emerge Systems
  • Greg Johnson, Air Liquide Bayport
  • Kyle LeGros, Air Liquide ASU
  • Colin Rizzo, Port of Houston
  • Dominique Robinson, PeroxyChem
  • Jeff Suggs, Kuraray
  • Elizabeth Taylor, Texas Industrial Medical


This Committee shall be responsible for the development, implementation, and review of a program establishing a public alert and notification system for the communities of La Porte, Morgan’s Point and Shoreacres, and the formulation of all policies and procedures concerning the public’s right-to-know program; the formulation of all chemical release reporting procedures: the establishment of trade secret protection procedures: and the formulation of all record keeping and information dissemination for the LEPC.

Charter - Emergency Communications