Boards, Commissions, & Committees

The City Secretary's Office coordinates the recruitment, application, and appointment process for boards, commissions, and committees appointed by the City Council. For more information, contact the City Secretary's Office.

Civic Duties

The work done by citizens serving on boards, commissions, and committees as appointed officials time is a vital part of the governance of the City of La Porte. Members are appointed by the City Council and have an opportunity to affect public policy and network with local officials and other engaged community participants.

Interested Citizens

Any citizen interested in serving on a board, commission, or committee should review the Board and Commission Handbook and the Board and Commission Application and consider speaking with the City Secretary’s Office or the appropriate staff liaison about the position. In addition to submitting a completed application, it may also be helpful to visit with Councilmember(s) concerning the wish to serve in this way.

The handbook provides a listing of boards, commissions, committees, and appointed officials for the City of La Porte and is designed to educate citizens about these opportunities available for community service. The City Council encourages the participation of qualified citizens and is committed to diversity for all appointments. Questions regarding board, commission, or committee appointments should be directed to the City Secretary’s Office.

It is our hope that your service to the City of La Porte will be both rewarding and fulfilling.