La Porte Development Corporation Board


  • Richard Warren, President
  • Brent McCaulley
  • Amanda Gerrish
  • Chuck Engelken

  • Nancy Ojeda, Vice-President
  • Danny Earp
  • John Blakemore

About the Board

In 1999, the citizens of La Porte voted for the adoption of a ½ cent sales tax for the purpose of spurring economic development in the City. After approval from the voters of the new sales tax, the City Council created an Economic Development Corporation and appointed the first governing body.

Some of the very first projects of the Board were participation in the building of the new City Library and the Canada Road and Bay Area Blvd. road extensions. Although as with any Board or Committee, the Board had assistance and cooperation with many other EDO community partners such as Harris County Precinct 2 Commissioner Adrian Garcia.

As 2007 rolled around, the Board and City Manager determined that it was time for a staff member to be added so that a systematic economic development program could be developed. It is the intent of the Program to serve the business community needs through a staff dedicated solely to economic development endeavors in the City.