Mission & Department Objectives

Mission Statement
The Planning Department will use a comprehensive, community-based approach to short and long-term planning to facilitate development within the City of La Porte.

The department’s primary focus is to:
  • Achieve high-quality infrastructure
  • Deliver wide range of housing
  • Maintain an excellent social service delivery system
  • Provide robust economic development opportunities
Guiding Principles
We will perform our duties promptly, with superior quality, innovation and fairness. Our community-based planning approach will allow our employees to provide technical assistance and direct quality of life improvements based upon identified community needs. This allows us to deliver public services in a timely and proficient manner.

Primary Objectives
  1. To preserve, protect, and enhance the quality of life of the City
  2. To preserve, protect, and enhance the natural environment of the City
  3. To provide safe, efficient, and cost-effective infrastructure and public services to the citizens of La Porte
  4. To ensure that all capital improvements made in La Porte are of safe design that meets current engineering standard
  5. To effectively convey desired expectations regarding minimum design standards established for the development of property
  6. To ensure public safety with regard to buildings and other structures
  7. To ensure public health with regard to environmental problems