Comprehensive Plan

About the Plan

The City of La Porte is in the process of updating the Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan is set for the next 20 to 30 years. Please visit  La Porte Comprehensive Plan 2040 for more information.

The La Porte Comprehensive Plan (PDF) is a multifaceted document designed to serve as the City's guide for future growth and development. The Comprehensive Plan makes basic policy choices for La Porte's next 20 years and provides a flexible framework for adapting to real conditions over time.

A five-year update was approved by the City Council in June of 2018, to reflect the changing dynamics and priorities of the City of La Porte. 

Guiding Decision Making

This plan will be used by the Mayor, City Council, and City departments to guide their decisions and actions and relationships with other cities, counties, and state government in terms of consistency with Comprehensive Plan policies. Citizens may look to this plan for guidance regarding the City's goals and commitments to ensure a sustainable future for La Porte.

Planning Process Principles

One of the best parts of this comprehensive planning process is seeing how much every La Porte resident cares about the future of our community. Over the past several months, that caring and commitment has been clear as citizens turned in their input, which provided the foundation for the Steering Committee, City Staff, and the consultant team to create a comprehensive strategy for maintaining and enhancing the quality of life in La Porte. Throughout this planning process, we have been guided by several basic principles:

Plan for the Future

We have the ability and the resources to shape a more positive future. We do not have to accept a declining quality of life. By planning for the future and involving the entire community, we can maintain the qualities and make La Porte even better.

Confront Challenges

Confronting the challenges ahead and creating the community will require all of us to make tough choices. Our efforts to shape a better future must be driven by the values and concerns of the entire community and their continuing input will be critical to the future of La Porte.