Who We Are

Vision, Mission, and Values

Proud of our Past, Committed to our Future


Our mission is to aggressively and continuously plan, implement, deliver, monitor and evaluate the quality and dedication of emergency medical services provided to the residents of and visitors to the City of La Porte.


We are committed to being a superior emergency medical service agency, which continually strives to improve the quality of service we deliver.

Core Values

  • Honesty- Always act and communicate in a truthful manner.
  • Integrity- Maintain responsible personal and professional behavior in all aspects of our life.
  • Compassion- Always present ourselves with a kind and caring nature. We shall show kindness, empathy and respect to all patients we come into contact with.
  • Altruism-Believe in nurturing a sense of selfless concern for the welfare of our patients above all else.
  • Respect- Honor and hold in high regard the dignity and worth of our patients and their families, our co-workers and the profession of which we are a part.
  • Professionalism- Dedicate our best knowledge and skills to assure the best outcome and experience for our patients.


In August 1981, the La Porte Area Emergency Corps was organized. The Emergency Corps consisted of about 24 personnel, which included full-time, part-time, and volunteer staffing. They operated 2 ambulances certified as basic life support units. In 1984 the La Porte Area Emergency Corps was adopted by the City of La Porte and was made a division of the Police Department. In 1987, the City of La Porte Emergency Medical Service (EMS) became a division of the La Porte Fire Department. By this time, the City of La Porte EMS was known as one of the top emergency providers in the State of Texas.

Man in an old time ambulance with the door open talking to a man in uniform


In 1988, a new La Porte EMS facility was designed, constructed and dedicated at 12201 North C Street. The new facility became the residence for the ambulances providing closed bays and new living quarters for EMS personnel.

On into the 1990’s, the City of La Porte EMS has continued to grow into the service as we know it now. The response area has increased. The City of La Porte consists of approximately 30 square miles with in the city limits. We also cover the Bayport Industrial District, the Battleground Industrial District, the City of Morgan’s Point, and a portion of the Port of Houston. This increases our total area of coverage to approximately 75 square miles. Many of our local chemical facilities have chosen to use the City of La Porte EMS as their emergency care provider.