We take allegations of employee misconduct very seriously. Please be as accurate and factual as possible when making a complaint.

File a Complaint

If you feel a City of La Porte EMS staff member has acted improperly, a complaint may be made in writing, in person, by email or by telephone.


A complaint prompting a preliminary investigation to determine if the complaint has possible merit. If the Informal Complaint is determined to have merit, the complaint will then be followed up on by administrative staff for corrective action. Informal Complaints may be upgraded to a Formal Complaint process if the severity of the complaint dictates such a need.

Informal Complaints can be emailed to administration.


A Complaint Form (311A) (PDF) is completed and forwarded to the EMS Chief and / or Assistant EMS Chief. An Administrative Investigation Referral Form is then completed by the EMS Chief or Assistant EMS Chief and a preliminary investigation is conducted to determine if the complaint has possible merit. If merit exists, the investigation is expanded.

Formal complaints must be filed by completing a Complaint Form (311A) and forwarding it to the address either in person or by mail:

City of La Porte

EMS Headquarters

Attn: Complaint Process

10428 Spencer Highway

La Porte, TX 77571

More Information

For more information on our complaint process, please download a Complaint Process Brochure (PDF).