Bike Medic Team

About the Team
The City of La Porte EMS implemented it's Bike Medic Team in February of 2003. The use of bicycles by EMS teams is on the rise. More and more EMS providers are becoming aware of the benefits of an extremely mobile team of 1st responders.

Bike Medic Teams are used primarily to get medical assistance to those who need it as quickly and safely as possible. Cost effectiveness and mobility allow mountain bikes to bridge the gap between foot response and ambulance response, which can mean the difference between life and death in congested or crowded conditions. Experience has shown that citizens are more likely to approach EMS personnel on bikes than those in ambulances.

Also, those on bikes are better able to use all of their senses to detect and address problems. The City of La Porte EMS utilizes the Bike Medic Team on a part-time basis only for special events and for public safety education.


  • Shawn Kominek, Assistant Chief
  • Kelly Lathrem, Captain
  • William Miller, Captain
  • Shantel Stephenson, Lieutenant
  • Christina Hernandez, Lieutenant

  • Tim Malta, P-II
  • Stephanie Cates, P-II
  • John Rodriguez, P-II
  • Troy Mason, P-II
  • Kelli Carpenter, P-II