Application Process

How to Apply

Citizens interested in serving on a City board, commission, or committee may pick up a handbook and application from the City Secretary's Office at 604 West Fairmont Parkway, may call 281-470-5022 to have a packet mailed, or apply directly online.

Please use the Boards and Commissions Application to apply for City Boards or Commissions. This application will not be saved on our website. Please save a copy to your computer's hard drive for your permanent record. Completed applications are maintained in the City Secretary's Office and provided to Mayor and City Council as positions become available.

Position Openings

As the terms of the board, commission, or committee members expire, the Mayor and Council review applications on file for applicants who have indicated an interest in particular boards. If you have indicated an interest in a board, commission, or committee with a vacancy, the Mayor and City Council will review your application form for consideration.

The City Council will then make selections to specific boards, commissions, and committees. If you are selected, you will be notified to determine whether you wish to serve. If you agree to serve, your appointment will be confirmed at a City Council meeting.

Pending Applications

Your application will be forwarded to the City Council for review and placed on file with the City Secretary's Office. If you have an application on file and no longer wish to serve, please notify the City Secretary's Office ( or 281-470-5021).