Alarm System

Outdoor Warning System

The Cities of La Porte, Morgan's Point, and Shoreacres use an Outdoor Warning System (PDF) to notify citizens in the event of a chemical emergency.  

Take Shelter

During a chemical emergency, the sirens may be activated. The take shelter siren sounds a "whoop, whoop" tone. 

All Clear

Once the threat has ended, an all clear notification will be issued via the phone notification system. Register for alerts at 

A large black pole that is an alarm siren


The Outdoor Warning Sirens are tested every Saturday at Noon. If you hear a siren other than at this pre-determined time, you should assume an emergency exists and Shelter in Place.

Siren Locations
  • 1800 East Main
  • N 10th and Fairlane
  • Texas and G Street
  • Fairmont 16th Street
  • N L Street and Valleyview
  • N L  Street and Big Island Slough

  • 10500 N Avenue H
  • 25th Street - Water well site
  • Fairmont Park Ball Fields
  • Canada and Carlow
  • South Broadway and Wharton Weems
  • Shoreacres Boulevard and Sunrise

Nearby City Community Alarms

  • City of Deer Park: Every Saturday at Noon
  • City of Pasadena: Every Saturday at Noon

Plant Alarm Schedules

Local industrial facilities test their internal alarms each week. View the area Plant Alarm Test Schedules (PDF).