Animal Shelter Advisory Committee

About the Committee

The goal of the Animal Shelter Advisory Committee is to assist the Animal Control Shelter in complying with the requirements of the Health and Safety Code as it relates to the standards for the Animal Shelter.


Meetings are set by the Animal Shelter Advisory Committee, and the committee is to meet at least three times a year.

Agendas & Minutes

To view the most recent agendas and minutes view the archive or to search and/or view past meeting agendas and minutes and historical records visit the the City's public records portal.


  • Chief of the La Porte Rabies Control Authority or their designee
  • State-certified Animal Control officer employed with the City of La Porte & whose duties include the daily operations of the La Porte Animal Shelter
  • Veterinarian
  • A representative from an animal welfare organization
  • Member of the La Porte City Council


There are no term limits.