Area Water Authority

About the Authority

The La Porte Area Water Authority was created in 1981 by the State Legislature. The legislation granted the Authority rights and powers related to the acquisition of water supplies and the collection/treatment of wastes. The early mission of the Authority was to secure surface water for entities contracting with the Authority. The Authority may purchase, construct, lease, or otherwise acquire property and facilities relating to its mission. They may contract with persons, corporations, municipal corporations, and political subdivisions of the State with the approval of the City Council.


On an as-needed basis.

Agendas & Minutes

To view the most recent agendas and minutes view the archive or to search and/or view past meeting agendas and minutes and historical records visit the Laserfiche Public Records.

Eligibility Requirements

Members may not be a member of City Council.


Members serve 2-year terms.

Staff Liaison

Director of Public Works