Animal Shelter and Animal Control

The Adoption Center and Animal Shelter, along with Animal Control are divisions of the La Porte Police Department. This division is responsible for animals within the city limits of La Porte and to enforce the city ordinances.

Adoption Center and Animal Shelter

Lost Animals

If you have lost your animal, please email the following information to

  • Your First and Last name
  • Address the animal was lost from or general area
  • Primary Contact Number
  • Secondary Contact Number
  • Microchip Number if chipped
  • Primary and Secondary Color
  • Picture of the Animal

Animals that come into the shelter as lost/stray animals are posted on our Facebook page as they come in, or as fast as we are able to post.

Adoptable Animals

Adoptable animals are available to see during open business hours or you can look through the images below. Animal adoptions are $85. This covers a vet check, initial vaccines, microchip, and vouchers to assist with sterilization and rabies vaccination. Check with the shelter for possible sponsorship programs!

Adoptable Dogs by Mitch Turner-Beasley
Adoptable Cats by Mitch Turner-Beasley

Animal Surrenders

All animals that are needing to be surrendered must be done by a La Porte Resident and they must provide a current ID with a valid La Porte address, including stray animals. If you are seeking to surrender your animal, please call the animal shelter for information on what items will be needed and requested for to ease the surrender process. 

Animal Fosters

Call the Adoption Center or email to inquire about fostering. 

Adoption Center Volunteers

Wish to give your time toward helping the community's voiceless? The animal shelter has a top-notch volunteer program where you can assist in cleaning the shelter, cuddling cats, hosting dog play groups, and attending adoption events! We will even sign off on student volunteer hours for college applications. At this time, we do not accept court ordered community service hours. 

If you are interested, please see the attached fillable form below and email that ACO Turner-Beasley at

Volunteer Application

Gifts for family members, friends, and associates. 

The La Porte Adoption Center and Animal Shelter is offering a special opportunity for company gifts and for those individuals who are difficult to buy for! You can make your gift shopping easier and save an animal’s life!

You can sponsor an animal for adoption in the amount of $85.00, or make a donation of any amount, in your gift recipient’s name. The recipient will receive a personal letter from the LPAC advising of your donation in their name.

Gift Letter 2021