Recycle Programs & Center

Recycle Center Address & Hours

12201 N. C St.
La Porte, TX 77571
Monday - Friday: 7 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Saturday: 8 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Why We Recycle

Although the City doesn't offer curbside recycling at this time, solid waste disposal is a large portion of the city’s annual budget. By recycling as much of the waste as possible, the city is able to lower the disposal costs. Every cubic yard of waste recycled is a cubic yard of landfill and citizen dollars saved. Recycling yard wastes allows the city to produce mulch and compost which is used in city parks and nature trails. The city is able to make this product available to our citizens at no cost most of the year.

Oil Recycling

Oil recycling allows residents a way to properly dispose of used motor oil in an environmentally responsible way and keep oil out of our waterways. Recycling allows the reuse of precious resources which have become more expensive and less available over the years. We accept used motor oil and filters or cooking oil (please leave in a container with a label on it). You may drop off used antifreeze as long as it is kept in the container you brought it in.

No commercial operator's waste will be accepted, just normal residents.

Oil Recycling Centers

  • 10330 N P Street east of Northwest Park
  • NAPA Auto Parts at 518 W Main Street
  • 1700 S. Broadway across from Lift Station 3
  • Public Works location on C St. before the Fire Training Center
  • Water Well at 10215 Hillridge
  • Water Well at 8610 Bandridge

Accepted Recyclable Materials

  • Paper
    • Newspapers, magazines, phone books, and catalogs.
  • Plastics
    • All plastics, such as containers for milk, water, soda, and juice.
    • All bottles being recycled need to be rinsed.  Clean bottles only.
  • Tin and steel products/cans
  • Aluminum products/cans
  • Clean corrugated cardboard
  • Fiberboard boxes such as cereal, cake, macaroni, and soda boxes
  • Clean glass containers
  • Batteries & Tires
    • Automobile, Motorcycle, RV, Marine, Computer, Laptop, uninterruptible power supplies (UPSes)
    • Tires - small car tires only (Limit 2), only accepted on Saturday.
  • Metal Recycling
    • All metals (except aluminum cans) are collected on the regularly scheduled heavy trash day, separated, and transported to the Public Works Service Center where it is placed in a container. The container is collected by a vendor and the city receives scrap value for the metals.
  • Paint Cans - Paint must be completely dry.

Brush and Yard Waste

Brush is collected separately from residences on the regularly scheduled heavy trash day and transported to Public Works. The brush is chipped using a grinder and allowed to mulch. The mulch is used by the city’s Parks and Recreation Department in city parks and nature trails.

Free mulch is available to citizens of La Porte.