Streets & Traffic

About the Division

The Streets and Traffic Division is responsible for maintaining and construction of the city owned roadways, traffic signs, drainage systems, ditch mowing, mosquito control, and airport maintenance. They also conduct traffic speed studies and maintain school zone flashers.

Speed Limits

Possible speed limit issues may be reported to the La Porte Police Department. Visit the Speed Limit page for more information. 

Request a Stop Sign

Requests for stop signs will be evaluated under the authority of the City of La Porte Code of Ordinances Chapter 70, Article III, Section 70-72, and according to the criteria established in the Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.  Visit the Stops Signs page for more information.

Request a Traffic Hump

Residential neighborhoods are adversely impacted by the recurrence of excessive speed of vehicles. Traffic humps can be an effective and appropriate device for safely reducing vehicle speed on certain types of streets when properly installed. Proper installation will minimize driver frustration and encourage safe driving practices. Request a traffic hump.

Report Street Light Out

Street light outages are handled by Centerpoint Energy. Report a street light outage online.

Pavement Assessment

The latest pavement assessment (pdf) is available for viewing online.