Police Area Representatives (P.A.R. Officers)

In March of 2009, Chief Ken Adcox approved the formation of a new program at the La Porte Police Department known as P.A.R. (Police Area Representative). This program is innovative for the City of La Porte and is becoming more popular with other law enforcement agencies across the nation.

P.A.R. Representatives, Roles, & Zones

The City of La Porte is divided into 3 distinct P.A.R. representative zones. Zone 1 is primarily the east side of the city. Zone 2 is the west side of the city, and Zone 3 is primarily the Lomax area of the city.

Current P.A.R. officers are:
Each zone has a specific P.A.R. assigned to it. The P.A.R. officers are to help and assist citizens with needs that are not necessarily conducive to patrol officers. This provides a liaison between the department and the community. Such a program with positive relations allows the department to develop close working relationships with citizens, community groups, neighborhood associations, and businesses.

When special problems arise, the P.A.R. officer can focus on the problem and manage resources to best address the issue. P.A.R. officers are available to assist with these special problems and concerns, and are here to help with non-emergency, long-term law enforcement problems in your neighborhood. Abandoned vehicles, traffic problems, graffiti, gang or drug-related problems are just a few examples.

Goal of the P.A.R. Officers

The goal is to organize resources and provide assistance to citizens in preventing and reducing crime, as well as providing other resources and information to citizens. Working together with citizens, P.A.R. officers are committed to making our community a better place to live.