Councilperson At-Large Position B Brent McCaulley

Councilperson At-Large Position B Brent McCaulley is a longtime resident of La Porte who grew up in the Fairmont Park and Lomax neighborhoods and was a 1983 graduate of La Porte High School. Brent’s mother retired from teaching in La Porte ISD and his father was part of the space program, working for NASA for over thirty years. Brent and his wife Gina have a combined family of four children and two grandchildren.

 Brent started his career in the hospitality business and eventually owned part of a restaurant/bar in the 1990s. Before starting his family, he began working in industrial machining, where he has remained for over 25 years and is currently a District Manager with Greenleaf Corporation.
 McCaulley serves as the HOA President of his neighborhood and enjoys participating in cook-offs with his lifelong friends of over 40 years. Brent McCaulley was elected in 2020.