Hike & Bike Trail

The City of La Porte provides the perfect opportunity for adventures with more than thirteen miles of trails for walking, cycling, running, hiking, or simply relaxing.

The main artery of the trail system winds its way parallel to Fairmont Parkway from Pasadena all the way to the bay. The paved path is ideal for cyclist looking for a long weekend ride. At the eastern end of the trail is Little Cedar Bayou Park, where runners can take a rest beneath the shady trees, while watching their furry little training partner play at the dog park.

From the Little Cedar Bayou Dog Park, the trail splits into two separate personalities: one, continue along the paved well-manicured path, or two, step off-road  for a little rugged retreat. Option two leads hikers down a dirt trail away from the park as it twist beside the bayou toward the open bay. The densely wooded surroundings swallow up the sounds of the city, and with every step farther down the trail, stress and deadlines dissolve into distant memories. The trail ends with two unique bird-watching platforms (the first is pictured to the left), where the sweeping views of the bay are just what the doctor ordered. 

 View our trail map (PDF) and plan your route today!