What are my responsibilities?
You must apply for the general exemption before the deadlines in the appraisal district where your property is located. You must see that your property is listed correctly on the tax records with your correct name, current address and property description. You must pay your taxes on time.

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1. Where can I find an overview of Texas property taxes?
2. When are taxes billed?
3. When are taxes due?
4. Who do I call if I did not receive a bill?
5. What happens if I do not pay my taxes by the due date?
6. When should I file for my exemptions?
7. What are my responsibilities?
8. How can I contact the local appraisal district?
9. I paid off my house and my mortgage company will not be paying my taxes this year, what should I do?
10. What taxing entities does the La Porte Tax Office collect for?
11. What are the names of the delinquent tax attorneys?