What permits do I need to open a business?
  • A zoning permit (La Porte's version of a certificate of occupancy) is required for all new businesses
    • A certificate of occupancy is issued only for new construction
    • More information on the zoning ordinance can be found at http://laportetx.gov/234/Zoning-Ordinance or by calling the Planning Division at 281-470-5057
  • Remodel work to the building you are purchasing/leasing may need a permit. Please visit http://laportetx.gov/1217/Building-Permits for more information
  • The City of La Porte issues business licenses for different types of businesses. Please visit http://laportetx.gov/896/Business-Licenses for more information.
  • For any additional questions that do not pertain to the inspections services division, please call the City of La Porte main number at 281-470-5020 and the receptionist can get you in contact with the correct department. 

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